The company is located in Iscar, in the province of Valladolid. It is a family business founded in 1948 by Sr. Marcos Martínez Minguela who started in a little workshop at his home.

In the 70’s, the Company is located in km. 21.700 Cuéllar-Olmedo road. At that time there were just 10 workers. It was not until 1981 when the Company is named MARCOS MARTÍNEZ MINGUELA, S.A. The business was increasing in investments, staff and equipment and, in 1995, MARCOS MARTÍNEZ MINGUELA, S.A. made an investment of about 3 million euros to expand the Factory about 3000 square meters and they achieve the difficult challenge of block door, becoming one of the industry leaders of this sector.


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In 1999 MARCOS MARTINEZ MINGUELA, S.A. faced another difficult challenge with the extension of soil, plant and workers. This new plant consists of press line machine with numeric control with the latest technology and unique in Spain, that allows manufacturing with high levels of quality and it let us to provide optimal service. During 2006 a completely automatic edge line was introduced where the new system of frame was implanted.

Sumarizing, MARCOS MARTÍNEZ MINGUELA, S.A. is backed for over 50 years antiquity and experience that has allowed to place itself at the forefront of the market of charpentry products. Its economic expansion has the incorporation of high-tech machinery extension of soil and human resources… All ensure the highest quality of our products.